History of Coffee

Coffee plant is unique because it produces beans that can be used for various purposes. The beans are processed to enhance their distinct flavor and taste profile. Then, they are packaged and sold in the form of beans for coffee-brew or further processed for industrial use. Today, many products come in this unique flavor and they are much-loved by many people around the world. The roasted beans are brewed to produce a delightful drink consumed by countless people worldwide. This highly pleasurable beverage is a must-have for many and it comes in various flavors. To find out more about the origin of coffee, read on.

Coffee history began in the ninth century. During that time, coffee was largely confined to Ethiopia. The beans were cultivated and harvested by highlanders. They were credited as the first group of people to recognize the energizing effect of coffee plant. As trade boundaries widened, the beans were transported to Yemen. By mid-fifteenth century, credible evidence revealed that Sufi monasteries in Yemen roasted and brewed the beans. This gives rise to coffee drinking knowledge soon after. From there, coffee spread to North Africa and Egypt and by fourteenth century, those in Persia, Middle East, and Turkey have access to coffee. Popularized by those residing in Muslim countries, the art of coffee drinking reached Italy and other parts of Europe soon after. The plants were then transported to Americas and East Indies.

The word “coffee” was recorded as an English word in 1598. It was adapted from a Dutch word. Further research shows that the word could have originated from Ethiopia, taking after the name where the plant originated. Coffee history may have started long ago and progressed rapidly but it shows no signs of slowing down. Generally, coffee is a valuable commodity and good quality beans are treasured by connoisseurs. Many people are also involved in coffee business, whether in plantation or coffee drink preparation. It is a lucrative business and many people are keen to be part of this business. Flavored beverages are not uncommon and coffee lovers like to personalize their drink by adding enhancers such as milk, sugar, or creamer. The above is a brief description of origin of coffee.

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