Origin of Cosmetology

Cosmetology can be said as the perfect treatment for maintaining a persons beauty. Probably, the cosmetology will suit best to the females who wish to take some special treatment in making their look (probably face, hair etc) more beautiful. Generally, cosmetology can be classified in to several categories and they are as follows:

1)      Cosmetic

2)     Hairstyles

3)     Beauty therapies

4)     Hair care

5)     Skin care

Day by day, cosmetology is becoming very popular because every people are having a wish to keep themselves a professional as well as beautiful look. When it is compared with the origin of the cosmetology, it has been started from the Egyptian days. This particularly means that during early days, Egyptian people have tried a lot of research as well as experiments on self beautification, taking special care towards their skin and complexity etc. Egyptians have even tried several experiments on better complexion to their skin by using led, mercury and ashes etc.

For the same self beautification, Chinese people also have done research on cosmetics and beauty therapies etc. They introduced several natural ingredients for the purpose of using nail polishes on hands as well as in legs. During the roman periods, it has been discovered that animal fats, oils as well as lotions etc contain certain properties for adding up extra beauty. Even saliva is also been used in order to prepare cosmetics as it contains high toxins on them.

After some years, the latest trend was to maintain a long hair along with good fragrance on them. So, the products which are available for making shiny hair were very affordable to all people and it also got a warm welcome. During 21st century (current trend), cosmetology is quite common in all parts of the world because entertainments have increased and they have also being watched by the people. So, celebrities like actors as well as actresses are using this cosmetology in order to make them to look more beautiful. Since there is increase in demand on cosmetology, several companies have started entering in to market and preparing some special products which are affordable only for celebrities and in return celebrities also showing interest in buying them. In this modern world, cosmetic surgery has also become an common practice done all over the world and even they are gaining the credentials slowly as beauty plays an very important role in all peoples life.

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