Origin of Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Peter, peter pumpkin eater is one of the English nursery rhymes and it consists of round folk song index numbers-13497. This rhyme was first published in Britain and it has not been existed till the late 18th century or during the early 19th century. Then, during the year 1825, the rhyme was published in Boston, Massachusetts at mother gooses quarto or otherwise known as the complete melodies. However, some of the words which are collected from the place called Aberdeen, Scotland published during the year 1868 had some of the following words:

Peter, my neeper

Had a wife

And he couldnt keep her

He pat her I the wa

And lat a mice eat her

Peter was been a poor man and he married an unfaithful women. It seems that his wife keep on cheating peter continuously and hence had a plan to stop all these from his wife. The solution for this comes with the chastity belt which is the pumpkin shell. Chastity belt can be said as the metal underwear (with pair) along with a lock as well as a key. Hence, no one can enter in to the womens private regions except the person who so ever has the key. So, that person will be peter (her husband).

After this, it resulted that all the above included words have adapted in the rhyme and thought in America. All these verses can also be said as the older rhyme themes of Eeper weeper. Some of the popular versions include the words on the rhyme is as follows:

Peter, peter pumpkin eater.

Had a wife but could not keep her.

He put her in a pumpkin shell

And he kept her very well there

Peter, peter pumpkin eater

Had another wife and did not love her

Peter learned to read and spell

And then he loved her very well.

From the above lyrics, it clearly says that the words refer to somebodys wifes murder. This rhyme has reached to British children only at a recent stage and only from this rhyme; childrens in the British places came to know what is meant by pumpkin. Even majority of the British populations have never tried eating pumpkin and even they are not aware of the vegetable pumpkin.

Almost majority of the people would have grown up by saying rhymes such as twinkle, twinkle little star, jack and Jill, peter, peter pumpkin eater etc. All these rhymes have been started with some of the historical events along with the gossips. Hence, still rhymes are learned and even today small kids are learning all these rhymes.

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