Origin of Sports

A sport would be the most pleasurable past time for people for so many years, beginning from Ancient times, as it is noted by the Greeks. The Olympic Games was the first sporting event in history and the origin of sports is said to have began from that day. Archeologists have discovered that the games and activities have already been a common practice from the drawings and sculpture from caves. Humankind was involved in recreational activities since the Neolithic ages as European explorers stumbled upon cave paintings with racquets and balls.

In Egyptian monuments, there are symbols which represent certain origin of sports such as swimming, javelin throwing and wrestling. Ancient Persia was the first to develop warfare technique through the Zourkhaneh, which is rooted in Iran. Excellent physical reaction is necessary for anybody to acquire the skills of this martial art.

Historians have agreed that China is the native land for soccer almost 3000 years ago, in 2nd century BC, during the Han Dynasty when a recreational game bearing a strong resemblance to soccer was found in old transcripts.

The Scots were the first to begin golfing when an old man would hit a ball to holes in a field to get rid of little gophers. Hence, the name golf is said to have derived from, given unfinished intrinsic accent that the Scots possess.

Badminton originated from India, and was made popular in England when the British took home the practice after witnessing two players throwing a poorly glued ball of fowl feathers to each other.

Baseball originally was called townball and this game was introduced by the British to the Americans. Only in America, the rules of the game was modified and made popular in an instant. America’s national past time was first played in the 19th century in Boston.

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