Origin of the Universe

In the beginning, there was nothing. Suddenly, there was something where nothing has been before. And now here we are, ensconced comfortably in our tiny versions of the universe and living our lives as we see fit. Still, how did all this come about?

There are usually two beliefs when you ask people what, or even where, they think the origin of the universe was: intelligent design, meaning God created it; or random chance. That is, it just happened. There used to be a third, now largely ignored, line of thought that this world has always existed. However, everything has to come from something, right?

The random chance creation of the world in which we live in has been explained as having taken place through the Big Bang. The Big Bang theory states that the universe first existed as a primitive, boiling hot and extremely dense singularity, or seed, approximately 13.7 billion years ago. This seed has expanded from its single tiny point over billions of years and over vast light years to from planets, galaxies and everything in between.

Unfortunately, what constitutes a “singularity” has not yet been clearly defined thus far, nor what was the agent or catalyst that triggered to Big Bang in the first place. However, physicists still have yet to determine what caused this singularity to expand and cool cyclically, how it happened and how the universe continues to expand even further today. Another question that remains to be answered is: what are the origins of this singularity?

Such uncertainty has been seized on with much glee by theists worldwide. The lack of connecting evidence or even concrete evidence of the Big Bang theory and the singularity is thought to be a sure indication that there is only one way the origin of the universe can be explained – God created it, together with all the galaxies, solar systems, planets and their inhabitants. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to disprove or prove either random chance or intelligent design.

As such, the truth remains out there.

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