The research on the origin of chess was concentrated only on a written investigation as well as resulted in archeological evidence which opinions about the origin of the game (chess). The pieces of evidence that are researched and found were available with no usage of detailed conventional theory. Hence, the question regarding the origin of chess was still in the open stage.

Even some assumptions like divinization models, and mathematical calculations were assumed for the game basis.  Many scholars in chess history solved the origin of the chess classification issue but only after the agreement of model relationships that already exist. With the help of some theory’s assumption, chess was invented by an individual with its complexity.

Another significant step towards the origin of chess was found to be better after the invention by IGK2 (initiative group Konigstein) during the year 1991. The members of the group looked up the proper evidence and came up with three different elements. They are 1) king, 2) soldiers/pawns 3) other pieces. It is clearly stated about the three elements that these are the stems from several sources and they are combined together and used up to date.

This method has to be done by Silk Road merchants who had some experience in merging with elements from several sources. It has been suggested that the king element and the behavior were selected from the Chinese style game, then the pawn/soldiers were selected from the Indian games and finally, the other elements (bishop, horse, elephants) were selected from the astrological style methods.

Some of the alternative moves by the other elements were purely selected from the TIC TAC TOE game…

It doesn’t matters which theory is valid and which theory is selected for the origin of the game but the way how it has been accepted and spread of the game alone is very important. The foremost predecessors of the chess game were started during the 6th century AD. Then it has spread to Persia.

The game was taken control by the Muslim world as soon as the Arabs started ruling Persia and it has crossed to the southern part of the European countries. The chess game was started in Europe to involve only in the 15th century and during the 19th century; the foremost chess championship tournament series was started (1886).

There was a rapid change in the chess game as well as found to be great leaps towards the game during the 20th century and the world chess federation (FIDE) was started and still continued with it as well.