Origin of Christian religion

Christianity religion can be said as the monotheistic religion which is fully about the teachings as well as life of Jesus Christ. Christians have a strong belief that Jesus is not a normal person and are considering him as a god (son of god), god born as a human etc. So, Christians named Jesus as messiah or the Christ.

History of Christianity:

The name Christianity has been given to the Christians from the religious practice and humanity with the Jesus Christ. The history says that the Christianity religion has started during the 1st AD itself. Bible plays an important role with the Christians and the main theme on the bible was about Jesus Christ being a son of god all the time. Christian populations are high when it is compared in the whole world with up to 1.5 billion followers. The foremost Christianity was started in Jerusalem during the 1st century and slowly it started to spread in many places like Mesopotamia, Greece, turkey and Arab places etc. Then, by the 15th century, that is on “age of exploration”, Christianity was found in all the parts of the world and now they are the largest religion in the world with millions of followers.

The whole history says that the Christianity religions had theological disputes as well as weathered schisms which resulted in several churches all over the world. The main branches as well as the largest branches regarding the churches are protestant, Roman Catholic Church and east orthodox church. As being said that Jesus Christ is a son of god was born to a women named Mary who is a Jewish during the 6-4 BC. He (Jesus Christ) was raised in the place called Galilee. It was been claimed further that at the age of 30, Jesus had started his ministry which also includes discipline recruitment. This alone regarded the statement to Jesus Christ that he is the son of god. Jesus Christ discipline recruitment lead all people in a smooth life and Pontius Pilate, the roman governor disliked Jesus activities and planned to kill him. Jesus was buried after some crucifixions and even at the time of his last breath, Jesus Christ prayed to apologize people who have involved in this activity. Hence initially he was been called as a son of god and after his death, all followers have started thinking Jesus Christ as a god and still they are doing this.

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