Origin of Cosmetology

Personal grooming is a general must for most people today. It is within human nature to want to look good because scientifically, looking good helps to boost your self-esteem and increase your attractiveness to people in general. Whether for personal or job-related reasons, we see more men and women willing to invest in various skin care and hair care products (and treatments). All of these help a person to build a presentable appearance or outlook. The upkeep of appearance and indulgence of beauty treatments are part of cosmetology. How cosmetology came about?

Basically, cosmetology involves the study of five areas in general- beauty therapy (general), skin care, hair care, hairstyles, and cosmetics. The origin of cosmetology goes quite a long way back as it was said to begun during Egyptian times. Egyptians were known to practice many skin beautification methods and they would even try complex procedures to fulfill their grooming needs. In a particular example, eyeliner is commonly used among Egyptian women. The ingredients however, are a hazardous mixture of mercury, ash, and lead.

Along the way, women would try all sort of natural (or chemical) remedies to beautify themselves. Taking a look at the Chinese community several centuries later, we discover that women began to care for other areas of their body during grooming rituals. Using a mixture of natural ingredients, they create colorful nail polishes. Natural colorants from plant extract were also used to color their lips and cheeks. During Roman ruling, people soon discover the benefits of animal fats and oils. These elements can be used to enhance skin’s smoothness and included in other beauty products. Slowly, women began to pay attention to hair and bodily smell. Women want to have long, lustrous hair and smell good at the same time. This gives rise to the production of perfumes and a concoction of ingredients for hair wash.

Up till today, there is an extensive use of beauty products and treatments for beautification purposes. How cosmetology came about is not quite a mystery because we know that it began when women felt the need to look good. The article above explains the origin of cosmetology in an overview.

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