The origin of tennis was been a matter of dispute. On one side, it is said that the Greeks, Romans, as well as Egyptians, have started playing the precursor of the tennis game.

Descriptions or the drawing of any similar tennis-like games discovery were not been achieved or discovered but the Arab words from Egypt have been considered as the proper evidence. One of the theories, says that the name tennis has been derived from the Tinnis which is an Egyptian town, and the word racquet is extracted from the Arabic word “Rahat”.

Apart from these two words, the foremost origin of tennis was started only during the 11th or 12th century. The tennis game was named “Jeu de pauma” and this French word means “game on the hand”. Many people have even argued that tennis has also been derived from the French word “tense” which means “to take it” hence it has been said that the game is being served by one player to another player on the other end.

The popularity of the game began to bring innovation:

Later on, tennis games started to become very popular and many started to play on the courts, self-play with the help of walls, etc. Playing this game by holding the racquet with bare hands was very uncomfortable with people and a glove has been invented to solve this issue. The tennis ball was made with cork which is wrapped with it or a wad of hair, wool, leather, etc.

The game created interesting results and also it became very popular on the western side of France and its near countries.

Unfortunately, Louis (IV) and the pope were not successful to ban the game. So, the game started spreading to England. Henry 3 as well as Henry 4 gave the best for the promotional activities on spreading up the game.

A wooden frame type of racquet from the sheep gut was used very commonly from the year 1500 since the ball is made up of cork and weighed up to 2 to 3 ounces. All tennis courts which were used in the early days are not similar to the lawn courts used in current days.

Hampton Court which is built in England during the year 1625 is still being used to date. The game is included in the indoor type which includes up to 4 players with a net in the middle of the court.