Origin of the Pretzel

Pretzel can be said as bread pastry which is originated from Europe and has got its three looped twisted or knot shaped. Pretzels will be available in soft or hard conditions. Hard pretzels are also called as Ropy in Hungarian and salstangen in Germany and are available in several shapes as well as in sizes with its knotted loops. They are made from wheat, sugar, yeast as well as wheat flour etc. Soft pretzels are available in normal human hand size. Almost all hard pretzels are available in just 1 centimeter in length, 2 millimeters in thickness and it is called as Bavarian pretzels.

History and origin of pretzels:

The history says that the pretzels are used in several shapes as well as sizes in southern part of Germany during the early days of the year 1111. Later, in the 12th century, hortus deliciarum from southern part of the German named Alsace (now this place is called as France) consists of the early depiction variety of the pretzels. In the 16th century, the habit of eating pretzels on Good Friday was launched in Germany. Initially pretzels were just prepared with flour as well as water and was eaten with lent or Easters.

Another variety of the pretzels is known as classical pretzels and it consists of three holed shape. Each hole represent one thing and they are father, son as well as the Holy Spirit respectively. Pretzels were used to hide like how the eggs have been hided and they are used during the Easters, lent and other special days. Pretzels are first originated in the European country and later it has been spread to southern part of the Germany as well as Switzerland. Pretzels are sliced in several definite shapes and are eaten as well as sold in the name of butterbrezel. Pretzels are consumed as their breakfast with several varieties of other food items in the place called Bavaria.

Pretzels are the popular snack used in the United States of America. Even there too, pretzels are available in hard as well as soft. Hard pretzels are available with candy coated and also chocolate flavor added in order to attract consumers. Out of all varieties, chocolate coated hard pretzels are particularly famous that too during the Christmas time. In return, sales in pretzels are up to 550 million USD and in America alone, 80% of the people are having a habit of consuming pretzel.

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