The origin of the Christmas tree

Every Christmas, a few elements are often present during celebration and this includes Christmas tree. The tree used is a coniferous tree (either real or artificial) and decorated with ornaments and light to give it a beautiful appearance. It can be placed inside a home or out in the open space. An angel or star is also placed at the top of the tree to represent host of angels or Star of Bethlehem. The origin of the Christmas tree can be traced to almost 1000 years ago.

During that time in Germany, a saint named St Boniface was angry at a group of pagans worshipping an oak tree. In his rage, he cut down that tree but was surprised when a young fir tree emerged from its roots. He took it as a sign of faith. Later in the sixteenth century, decorated trees were brought into Christian homes. Slowly, the tree custom became popular in other parts of Europe. During the eighteenth century, the history of Christmas tree took on a new turn when Prince Albert decorated the trees fashionably. He included candles, fruits, sweets, and gingerbread as part of the tree decoration. Subsequently, other English families followed suit and they creatively used different items as decorations. These items include tiny musical instruments and dolls.

Moving on to nineteenth century, Americans find the idea of placing a tree at home during Christmas to be an oddity. The first public display of such tree was done by German settlers in Pennsylvania in the 1830s. They were hoping to raise money for a church. By 1851, a tree was erected outside of a church but the actual meaning was misconstrued. People, especially the parishioners, thought that it was a return to paganism and requested the tree to be removed. By 1890s, the idea of Christmas tree was more accepted by locals. Coupled with the increase in number of ornaments from Germany, the idea gained popularity. The history of Christmas tree continued to grow and many people learned to appreciate the idea.

Lighting decoration for trees was soon introduced and people continue to decorate trees with colorful and unique items. Soon after, theme or color-based decorations came into place. This is a brief description on the origin of the Christmas tree.

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