Origin of Soccer

You may be one huge soccer fan but you might not be familiar with the origin of soccer. A person should be at least well-versed with the history and details of the game in order to be called a true fan. Soccer, or as known as football, is the most popular sports game in the world. Basically the game is about kicking the ball into your opponents goal to score. Two teams of 11 men will compete on a large field with two goals in the centre of both ends.

Almost every culture has its own version of ball game in their history. Countries like Japan, China and Persia has evidence that shows their ancestors had a sport game that involved a ball. As early as 3000 years ago, people in China played their own football game. But the formal game of soccer started back in 1863 in England, whereby two football associations (the rugby football and association football) separated from one another and that is said to be the reason why football games forbid the players from handling the ball.

Football clubs are first found in England and has developed and expended to the extent where schools and the society had their own football clubs. In the 1960s, they have established a common set of rules for the game that is accepted by all the players.  They had international football games as early as 1872, before the other counties in Europe have heard of the game. FIFA (The Federation International de Football Association) was found in Paris, 1904 and it is the international football association that exists even until today. Currently, the board members consist of four members from FIFA and one member from each football association.

Today, this game is played internationally and has become one those events that attracts millions of people. During the football competition, millions of people would flood the stadiums to witness the game. And this is the brief introduction to the origin of soccer – the most popular sport in the world.

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