What is the Origin of the Name Natalie?

Natalie is a popular name and it is used in several countries all over the world. They are often used in English, German as well as French-speaking countries.

The meaning of the name is just “born at the time of Christmas”. This name Natalie can come under all categories of names like American names, Australian names, Canadian names, English names, Christian names, German names, French names, etc. This name Natalie is the English style name called Natalia and it is extracted from the Italian word called “Natale” which is meant by “birthday”.

This term specially and particularly refers to Christ’s birthday. For example, in all English-speaking countries, “Merry Christmas” is used for the celebration of Christmas Day. But the same Christmas celebrating day is expressed as “boun Natale” and it is meant by “good birthday”.

In many countries, a lot of names starting or ending with this Natalie name can be observed. Particularly, celebrities like actresses are very keen on changing their names with either in starting or end of their name. For example, Natalie Portman, Natalie Wood, Natalie Cole, etc. One of the surveys says that the name Natalie has been used by many people, particularly females.

The same survey says that during the year 2001, a total of 82 people named Natalie. The highest ranking has been scored during the year 1991 with a total of 134 persons with the name Natalie. Some people feel very happy about being called their name with no reason behind it.

Natalie is a name of a girl kid. This name originated from the place Slovakia and the meaning of the name Natalie in Slovakia is meant by “being born from Natalia”.

Even in many places, the reason for which the name is kept as Natalie is mainly because of its meaning. In many places, the meaning for Natalie is “cool, awesome as well as fantabulous girl”. Natalie Wood, one of the famous American celebrities (actress) is also playing an important role in the popularity of the name.

Another survey stated that the name Natalie has been used with approximately 22 people out of 1000. People who have their name as Natalie are telling that it is something amazing in being born at Christmas time because the meaning is Christ’s birthday. Another advantage of having Natalie’s name is that their family members, friends as well as teachers love in calling their name.